The White Company & YOU Magazine Christmas Shopping Event


On Tuesday 28th November I, along with my beautiful friend attended ‘The White Company & YOU Magazine Christmas Shopping Event’ (yes, I was supposed to be in a lecture, but with a 20% store-wide discount and a goodie bag worth Β£20 how could I resist!)

Greeted at the door with a glass of ice cold prosecco and a variety of canapes,Β it was clear from the off that The White Company were out to please (and they did!)

After we’d visited the cloakroom and managed to safely deposit our coats and scarves, we had time for just a quick browse before the founder of the brand, Chrissie Rucker MBE took to the stage to greet her guests at the London flagship store.

Speaking with inspiration, clarity and conviction, she gave a really honest and open account of how she started the brand – by designing her boyfriends new house! (Robert, take note – there’s hope for me yet!)

Here’s her official bio on The White Company website, but I’d really recommend delving into her a little deeper – her personal brand is fascinating! (Cue 101 dissertation builds…)


When we arrived, I was sceptical of the pairing between such a gorgeous brand and a magazine affiliated with The Daily Mail, but nevertheless YOU Magazine Editor Sue Peart then delivered a heart-warming and humorous note on some of her favourite products.

Once the presentations were over we purchased our favourite little token gifts for ourselves and headed back out into the cold, clutching our purchases with admiration :

Capture 2

Seychelles Mini Hand and Body Cream


Winter Diffuser

Although the event lasted just two hours, we walked away feeling joyfully Christmassy and happy with our gifts (a wonderful Orangegrove Candle which smells divine!)

I have to hand it to The White Company and even YOU Magazine – a consumer gifting event done right!


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