In all honesty…

… life can be really hard can’t it?

Stopping blogging for the past year has been a decision that wasn’t conscious, nor was it intentional – it just happened.

Taking a year out of my degree to partake on a placement was one of the best experiences of my life, yet it wasn’t easy (is anything?) – I’m sad and sorry that I’ve neglected my blog, but my writing passion has far from diminished and I’m back.

I’m back.

Two words that have far more than one meaning for me right now… I’m back to studying, I’m back to blogging, I’m back to being that stressed girl who is constantly trying to live up to her high achiever reputation.

I love my degree, I really do and it’s been my biggest motivation for sticking it out in London for the time that I have (although home is calling and I couldn’t be more excited for that side of my life – more soon). However, going back to studying after the best year in industry is really hard, and brings with it a whole new form of anxiety I’m not used to!

But I’m Jem. And Jem doesn’t give up, nor does she let her worries get the better of her (most of the time anyway). I guess what I’m trying to say is that for whatever reason stepping away from myself and my writing wasn’t easy, but it’s a way I used whilst studying to let off steam and express myself –Β  and I’m welcoming To Dye For back into my life with the intention of doing just that!

So, here’s to the year ahead…







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