Socia Media | Friend or Foe?

Recently, the perception I have of social media has changed…

Yes, its a fantastic source for sharing info, content or just simply your thoughts, but it can also take a turn for the worse.

We’ve seen Zoella attacked around her #mycalvins selfie, and this got me thinking – the fact that someone that’s created their own brand and career around social media can still be subjected to abuse on the platforms does raise issues for me.

Some of us are obsessed with our online personality (a subject which is fascinating to me, because my dissertation is focused on personal branding) but can this becomeย  bad thingย  is life about getting as many ‘likes’ as possible? Is it about gaining retweets, and seeing how many people favourite your posts?

Obviously, I’d like to say no here. But, it’s easy to know how you’re supposed to feel isn’t it. And then, when you write a Facebook post about something really exciting, and you don’t get the interest you’d expected, the questions start coming – Why does no one ย like this? Why haven’t specific friends liked this? Should I take it down?

So, social media isn’t all it seems… It can be a source of self confidence and enjoyment, but it can cause more stress than its worth – friend or foe? Maybe that depends…


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