Wonky Fruit & Veg – The ‘ugly’ Truth…

I’m sure we’ve all seen in the media recently the newly found supermarket scandal‘wonky’ fruit  and veg. Yes, that’s right, I’m a PR student who wants to talk about the aesthetics of potatoesI must be mad right?

Not quite. The issue (as it can only be described) seems to have taken the media by storm. The story? In short, a wide range of our supermarkets have been discarding their ‘wonky’ fruit and veg and putting it straight into their waste.

Whilst some supermarkets have hit back at the issue and changed their policies, others have seemingly dug their heads into the soil (see what I did there?)

One organisation who have come out blooming from the saga are Sainsbury’s. Britain’s third biggest supermarket have a number of initiatives to put ‘wonky’ veg to good use, and this where they come out on top.

After the products have been filtered and appropriately designated to their category for customer consumption (either into the Basic, by Sainsbury’s or Taste the Difference ranges), the off casts are then used in their ready made products. Following this, the veg that’s still not made the cut will go to food charities and then lastly animal feed. 

Sainsbury’s used the issue as a PR tool to highlight to consumers that the organisation continually give back to the community, and really appreciate their roots.




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