Social Media Personalities | How well do we know them?

It comes as no surprise that the social media personality is one we talk about a lot in today’s society, whether its in the media, or our every day activities and conversations.

But, I wanted to talk about what’s really behind the façade – a lot of the time, I cant help but question whether the persona that they put out, all over their social media and other platforms, is actually the real person inside…

With the rise in YouTube stars and other forms of social media individuals, its no wonder that everyone wants to be a vlogger or make their way to stardom in a similar way. But, how much do we actually know about these celebrities?Kayla-Itsines-weights

Someone I’m particularly fascinated in is Kayla Itsines – making her way to fame with her fitness beau Tobi Pearce through Instagram, it’s fair to say that they’ve earned their stardom. However, I still beg the question – are they genuine?

Obviously their relationship is, as is Zoella and Alfie’s – but it’s a pretty smart business move, I have to say. Come on – you can’t say you’re not caught up in the couple blogging culture? I know I am!

The other part of questioning how well do I really know the social media personalities presented is the whole idea about their paid advertisements  – from product reviews to free goods – how genuine is this type of funding? Do the individuals pick and choose who they support, and who supports them? How passionate are they about the brand endorsement? Perhaps most importantly…

What are the ethical considerations around brand endorsement for social media personalities? and surely, if they’re being paid to promote the product, they’re not being transparent?

Or are they?

These questions are ones which can probably never be answered, unless I was part of the talent management team for the individuals  – but, what I do know from meeting Dom Smales, Managing Director of Gleam Futures is that their social media personalities do manage their own networks and channels, so we are getting to see the real person behind the camera.

Although there might be and probably is a need for theory behind talent management and the content social media personalities put out, it’s just still so important for them to always look transparent – otherwise, budding PR practitioners like me will see right through the façade!



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