Clever Calvin Klein?

2EE809E300000578-0-image-a-22_1448821892717.jpgThe start of this month has seen world renowned brand Calvin Klein launch a new fragrance – the twist? It’s genderless.

CK2 hit select stores last week after being pre-empted by the company back in November, and its no surprise that the product has had mixed reviews.

The photos below link to the press articles from when the new fragrance was revealed for the first time, and we can only learn a load of neutral information about the theories behind the product…

thetelegraph_344Logo-Harpers-Bazaar-c-Hubert-Burda-Media_634x158-ID101983-66bc78df3c39df93efe1c12a107f0c7cdaily-mail-logo-vector1So, it seems the brand set out to catch onto the whole ‘millennial culture’, and have designed a fragrance that’s all for ditching traditional labels, and

“embodies the thrill of life and celebrates the diversity of connections between two people”

The idea of appealing to the younger jet-set audience was enhanced by offering the product exclusively to World Duty Free at a whole load of international airports two months before the main launch last week.untitled.png

When watching the campaign video (right) we can see the couples riding motorbikes, jumping off buildings and pursuing other courageous activities. The brand have created #the2ofus, and try to prove that the new scent is for all types of couples.

The sensual campaign has clearly hit the mark with aesthetics, but what about the concept? Have Calvin Klein been clever in their new product? Whilst I appreciate the idea of the unisex perfume, is it practical? Do couples want to smell the same? I’m not sure I’d want my boyfriend & I to have the same cologne!

Regardless of whether or not the product is a best seller in the FMCG sector, Calvin Klein have absolutely done their brand management and reputation good and have taken a positive step here.

If you want to take a look at what the brand themselves say about CK2, have a look here.

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