That brilliant business idea…


Whilst sitting peacefully in a nail bar in Putney having a manicure, it can’t be normal that my mind was whirring away about the brilliant concept of business idea that I was witnessing. But well, I guess that comes with the PR profession really doesn’t it…

London Grace is a nail bar situated in Putney High Street, just off of Putney Bridge, with a twist… They also specialise in cocktails, barista-style coffee and amazing party  packages (now that is a brilliant business idea).

I came across the brand on Instagram, and instantly fell in love with the concept – I’m a fan of gel polish manicures and with a friend also loving them, we quickly made plans to visit! The fact that they’d be able to delight us with coffee and cake too was an added luxury!

12620721_1075412352510325_2112376864_oOn arrival, we were pleasantly greeted (something I always notice from working in retail and now pursuing a PR career), coats taken and hot chocolates ordered as we sat down to have a read of the latest STYLIST magazine, of which they are also official stockists.


The nail technicians took over and sorted our nails with professionalism, confidence and ease – all feelings a new client hopes for! I was suitably impressed with the end result, and will definitely be back!

I could fault nothing, and after close inspection of the packages they do offer, can only comment that I’m disappointed the ‘brunch’ option isn’t a birthday treat too – and I’d really, really love it if it was!

However, what I wanted to go back to was the business idea itself – teaming up a few things that women love and offering them to us all in one place is a fantastic concept, and considering London Grace have only been open a year, its clearly worked.

The use of social media for a brand is also really important – its the channel they used to reach me, and they’re active and provide inspiring ideas and quick responses to their consumers, ever improving their PR.

My dissertation idea for my degree is forming around the notion that your career can have an affect on the way you conduct yourself and carry out your own personal PR, and my experience here has proven me right – I wouldn’t have been half as impressed as I am, had I not delved deeper into the meaning of this brand!

So, here’s to a business that’s getting everything right – and inspiring me to write in the process!


To find out more about London Grace, visit their website or social media feeds by clicking on the links below… Enjoy! x

Website                    Instagram                   Twitter



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