Branded for life?

Now, my guess is that from all of the logos shown in the featured image, you can guess all of the brands, right?

During a leisurely Sunday breakfast reading this week’s  Waitrose Weekend, I came across the article ‘Branded for life – the tests of time’, and it got me thinking.

To prove that logos are indeed the secret of success for lifelong branding, can you guess the brand from all of the snapshots of logos below? (The answers are at the end of the post!)

In the article, the logos focused on are obviously to do with the food industry (don’t forget, I was reading a Waitrose magazine after all!) but the concept is just the same for all brands I’d say!

For example, Irving & Co’s Julian Roberts points out that…

“Twinings holds the world’s oldest continually used commercial logo, which was created in 1787. However, far from being considered a relic of a long-lost time, the company has recently become the number one premium tea brand Britain with a £10m advertising company.”

So, what is it about the labels of these products that continues to make them so appealing?

“Logos are the purest form of branding, and the best tend to be the simplest”

says Roberts, and adds that this important part of a brand can

act as signifiers of quality and have the ability to embed themselves in the minds of consumers”

I expect some of you are asking yourselves if labels, old and new, really have the capacity to dictate our buying habits? Well, I do genuinely think that logos have the power to communicate with consumers on a subliminal level, because look at what we’ve already seen – if you guessed any of the examples above, that shows those brands have made a connection with you through their logos.

In the article Tony Hardy, Creative Director of Canny Creative comments that

“logos are often the first touch point for consumers when they come across a new brand, and brands are like humans – you judge them within the first few seconds of meeting them”

and again, I think he’s right! You can’t deny that when debating over which type of rice to buy in the supermarket, you’re drawn to the most eye catching packaging? The one that you deem the most aesthetically pleasing?

Reading the piece taught me that despite how much we might try to consider the more important things about a brand, we are drawn to a good logo and that power for a brand and it’s PR can’t be underestimated!


Want to know answers from the photo row above? (From L-R: Pringles, Cadbury, Birds & Marmite)… Hope you managed to guess them!



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