November’s issue of ELLE saw a take on feminism like never before – celebrating the power of female solidarity, they launched their #morewomen campaign.

“From…computer programmers to racing-car drivers, we are combining our voices, skills and enthusiasm to support each other and demand fairness and equality for all”

The debate on feminism started two years ago at ELLE,ย when Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy asked if the word needed re-branding for a new generation (what do you think, does it?)

Candy then goes on to talk all about empowerment, and us women standing together for equality and strength – we’re stronger together and our voice is louder (too true, look at the suffragette movement!)

At ELLE they believe in a bit of personal PR to help towards this togetherness – be kinder in your thoughts and language, and think before you judge a character.

“The conversation today has to be how we can all be better, not how we can be better than one another”

And there it is, conversation and talking again – we’re taught especially in the business world that it’s highly competitive and cutthroat almost , so no wonder we have an automatic tendency to judge ourselves against others! However that doesn’t mean I agree or think it’s right, far from it!

Of course it’s all about taking care of yourself, but thinking about how you effect the feelings of other women on a daily basis can be really beneficial too – it’s got to feel worthwhile, right?!

What I really loved about the issue is the positive PR they must have earned from it (and that’s right, I said earned, not paid!) The glossy women’s magazine gained the respect and trust of thousands of women through this issue, showing the world that a company can address a topical issue head on!

The campaign includes great examples of how women have already come together and that’s all in the article (take a look at the links, its a great read!)

Taking away from the issue, it is so very important to be united with not only your workforce but the women around you – we are a formidable source and have a greater impact than we realise – let’s be stronger together and use this as our inspiration!

It’s certainly left me feeling positive…


Elle Magazine Website

Elle #morewomenย  ย #morewomen Campaign Video



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