Bags, Bangles & Brooches | Cancer Research UK

This week I got the opportunity to volunteer for Cancer Research UK at their Bags, Bangles & Brooches event for their ‘Women of Influence’ campaign.

The campaign is all about finding the very best women scientists…

“with cures for cancer within our grasp, we want to see more female scientists reach the top of their careers in research and help lead the way in beating cancer sooner”.

Cancer Research UK

The campaign aims to raise £1m to fund research being carried out by young female scientists, and Bags, Bangles & Brooches was just one event to help reach this goal.

Held at The British Museum, the event featured a silent auction (with some VERY impressive prizes), and a live auction. Being able to help out with such a prestigious event with high profile individuals attending was very exciting!

Kay Burley, news anchor for Sky looked stunning as she presented the whole event, and the very talented Bianca Miller was also present (oh how I’d have loved the personal branding session with her that was organised!) Another woman of influence present was Tamara Box, Chairwoman of the campaign.

A room filled with influential women was certainly an inspiration – being behind the campaign must feel amazing, knowing you’re doing incredible work for an amazing cause.

How does the campaign score in PR terms though?  Well, I hadn’t heard of it before the event, and as it certainly does interest me, their reach can’t be as good as it could be! I think cancer is an illness that unfortunately touches so many families now, that they could pretty much reach out to everyone and get a response or support of some kind (something to think about!)

So that’s kind of what this post is all about really – trying to reach more people with the campaign! Take a look…

“Our Women of Influence initiative champions women in cancer research”.

Cancer Research ‘Women of Influence’ Website


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