The 1% lifestyle – is it really to dye for?

Something I was presented with last week in a lecture really evoked something within me, and so I want to share my thoughts with you all…

We were given Simon Kuper’s Financial Times article, ‘The 1 per cent? Not for my kids’ which talks about how he wouldn’t wish that lifestyle on his children just for the money – and, after reading it, neither would I!

So, I want to talk about the top 1%. Who really knows what this concept is, and what it means? Let me tell you…

Looking at the statistics for wealth across the world, it is simply ridiculous that the top 1% of wealthy individuals actually own more than the other 99% of us put together! (Crazy right!)

This statistic and the article just got me thinking about whether getting a well-paid job is actually everything … It isn’t.

Kuper talks of how a mother’s typical child-rearing strategy would be for their children to earn the top 1% incomes – but is this what life’s really all about?

Does the happiness of someone rise only in correlation with their income? (again, in most cases, no).

Kuper talks about two types of happiness, and I think they’re both important concepts to hold onto:

Emotional Wellbeing – How do you feel about yesterdays emotional experiences? (Note, this type plateaus at $75,000 a year – no correlation between high earnings and high happiness!)

Life Evaluation – How well do you think your life is going?

So, what did the article teach me?…

It’s important to realise that there are countless ways to feel superior and good about ourselves – after all, most people barely notice your status because they’re often far too worried about their own!

There are some quotes from the article I want to leave you with; ones that have inspired me to always keep my priorities in check!

“the way we are living,

timorous or bold,

will have been our life” – Seamus Heaney

“The true luxury isn’t money; it’s not having to think about money” 

Interested in reading the full article? Take a look here…

Until next time…


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