Welcome Back!…

Hi Guys … Welcome back to To Dye For!

I’ve started to write again!

Despite a desire to continue my blog throughout the summer, my hectic lifestyle took over and I found myself demotivated without my course and London life surrounding me! (I know it’s a poor excuse…)

Nevertheless, I am back and ready to write!

Starting my second year has evoked a new sense of determination and drive for me, and I’m hitting the ground running as some might say.

Being elected to take on the editorial role of the University of Greenwich PR Fraternity blog is something I am VERY, VERY excited about! (My writing finally got noticed!) The link is here so that my readers can take a look, and hopefully gain some worthwhile insights about PR in the workplace in all sorts of sectors!


I’ve got plenty of new topics up my sleeve that I’m keen to write about and share with you, so keep your eyes posted for a new post this week (I promise!)ย 

I’m thrilled to be back to blogging again, and hope that my readers will enjoy my posts as much as I do!

Until next time…



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