That PR lifestyle – it’s to dye for!

For the most of you reading this, I hope you’ll be glad to see me blogging again!… I wish!

My lack of writing for To Dye For really isn’t my fault though, a lot has happened in April! Most importantly…I’ve finished my first year of my degree and had my first PR work experience! (I know, exciting right?!)

Being able to say I’ve come out the other side of a year of ups and downs, moving away from home and starting on my professional career makes me feel pretty proud! Needless to say, I’ve met some incredibly special people along the way! (If you’re reading this because you follow my blog, then you’re probably one of them – you know who you are!)

However, I’m also incredibly excited for whats to come – the PR lifestyle I’ve been introduced to has only left me working harder for that dream job! Not only have my studies inspired me to get a 1st class degree (watch this space for my first year result) but they’ve taught me that, for the first time in education, you can actually enjoy studying!!

I’ve also experienced that PR lifestyle now with my first work experience – once again, thank you to the people that helped me with this opportunity. Being able to aid with Press Day for two weeks for a company I’m very familiar with (have you guessed it yet?) allowed my eyes to be opened to that 9-5 job that’s so surrounded by controversy – and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! Having that commuting routine and desk job complete with a MacBook for two weeks helped me to see that I’d made the right choice with my career path!

Keep following me for a ‘coming soon’ย diary of my experiences and feelings during my work experience!

But, for today, I’m simply content in what I’ve achieved so far this academic year – I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and changed as a person, and how much I’ve learnt and will continue to learn inย my next three years at Greenwich.

And, for those of you that are wondering whether I’ll continue my blog over summer…. are you kidding? It’s the most enjoyable writing I’ve ever done!



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