Disney & Swarovski | Sponsorship – a PR technique to dye for?

Cinderella, the new film launched this month based on the classic Disney fairy tale was sure to turn heads – wasn’t it?

Just to make sure it captured all the attention it deserved, Swarovski, the official sponsor of the film who provided an enormous 1.7 million crystals for the costumes designed by Academy Award-winner Sandy Powell, put on an exhibition in the center of Leicester Square – a brilliant PR stunt.


On entering the exhibitionIMG_7832 it was like a childhood dream come true – the interactive book captivated us in the story line, and as we completed the tour the making of the film had been subtly explained.

However, it was Swarovski’s sponsorship of the film and what it’s done for them and Cinderella in terms of PR that really interested me – using the exhibition they’ve created a huge audience and conversation around the film, creating a fantastic PR stunt.

Although many probably see it as just great PR for Cinderella and the launch of it, I straight away found myself analyzing the benefits Swarovski have gained from the event – the questions asked about the masses of crystals donated by the company, as well as where people might be able to buy souvenir crystals was astounding – people were instantly engaged with the beautiful costumes and the process of making them due to the popular retailer’s influence.IMG_7878

For example, the glass slipper is every girls dream – this one has to beat every other! Beautifully crafted and coloured, the slipper was displayed in cabinets across the exhibition for viewers to admire, with smaller ones available to buy from Swarovski – definitely the ultimate gift to yourself or a loved one! It seems that although obvious trade benefits for the retailer will have dramatically improved profit, on the larger scale their status has once again been put firmly on the map, due to an excellent PR stunt.

Whether or not it was intended, Swarovski and the new Cinderella film alike have received only positive PR from the exhibition – by far an example of sponsorship and events as PR tools done right!



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