Does being ‘attractive’ help you in the PR industry?

After doing some revision and research that we were set this week, I came across the idea that in order to be a successful PR practitioner in your ability to persuade, you need to be attractive. Yes, you heard me right.

Reading that you’re a more credible speaker if your audience thinks your attractive, or if you have attractive qualities in your personality got me thinking… Doesn’t it seem reasonable that indeed,

“the ability to attract rests on the ability to shape the preferences of others [which] tends to be associated with intangible assets such as ย an attractive personality”

Joseph Nye, 2004

Now before we go any further, it’s important to understand that whilst I don’t entirely agree that the speaker has to actually be attractive to everyone in the room to be successful, I do think thatย paying attention to one’s appearance and personality in order to make themselves more attractive or appealing to their audience seems like a good idea.

Take our recent trip to the second largest PR consultancy in the world, Weber Shandwick. Out of all the employees that spoke to us, who were incredibly motivating, inspiring and not least persuasive, they had one common attribute running through them … they were all good looking. Now, at first thinking this I just brushed it aside as personal preference – we all know my passion within PR is your own personal professionalism, and so it came as no surprise that they were all immaculate. However, after turning to several of my friends after the event and hearing their first words –

“weren’t they all so good looking!…so well dressed too”

I thought there might be something in it. Therefore, when I came across the same idea this week and realised that people really do think you could be better at PR if you were attractive, I knew it was something I had to share with you all.

Whether or not you agree that people themselves should be attractive in order to be better persuaders and communicators, the idea that on the whole attraction itself is something that’s necessary seems more reasonable. Think about it… how often have you been more inclined to listen to someone because they took the effort to make themselves presentable, or because you admired their outfit that day?

As far as I’m concerned, paying attention to making yourself more ‘attractive’ for people is essential in the industry – a bit of attention to your personal professionalism (yes, that word again!) and your image as a whole could send you a long way towards that ultimate goal. Whether it’s that dream job, or highly sought after pitch you want to lead, making yourself look ‘to dye for’ could really stand you ahead of the rest of the crowd!

Rethinking that working wardrobe yet?


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  1. LCB says:

    This is such an interesting post, you never really think about what makes someone get through to you more. I do wonder if the stereotype of PR professionals drinking at parties and dressed immaculately affects our thoughts on their success. Whether they’re funny or attractive, I agree about paying people attention, after all – it’s all about building ‘relations’ isn’t it?


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