Hooked on your morning coffee? You might think again….

Whether it’s your daily Starbucks fix or that to dye for Costa that you simply ‘have’ to have before you start your day, that £2-4 can add up very quickly.

Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning I came across a post from ‘The Debrief’ asking me if I was about to purchase my morning coffee (the answer was no, I’m a hot chocolate kinda girl and independent from that popular caffeine kick everyone goes on about) but thought I’d take a look anyway.

As I read, it informed me that my daily Starbucks could actually be more expensive than my daily student loan payment when I’m working – if you, like me, are thinking WHAT! Then you should keep reading…(and maybe think twice about today’s lunchtime beverage).

If you’re a student or someone closely linked with university, then you’ll already be aware that

“if you have a great education you only pay back if you’re earning over £21,000 and only 9 per cent of your earnings above that”

This is what MP Greg Clark has informed us about undertaking on our university journeys, and what we can expect financially at the end. So, what this means is that

“if you earn £30,000 as a graduate you pay back £2.22 a day”

Regretting that coffee this morning? My guess is that you actually spent more on it than £2.22…

Obviously I’m prone to an occasional treat (I am human after all) but everyday, 5 days a week during your commute or before that all important briefing or lecture… Could you have brought a flask full with you?

Maybe we could all think twice about how far £2 can take us… It’s quite interesting! I will certainly be thinking twice about how I spend £2 from now on… (Don’t forget, I am a student!)


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