Weber Shandwick – a company to dye for?

Being nothing less than inspired and completely motivated after visiting Weber Shandwick’s London offices this week, it seems that my perfect job, the one I’m dying for, does really exist!IMG_7344

Not only was I blown away by the professionalism and beauty of the building itself, but I was also struck by how quickly I could imagine myself in the industry – immaculately dressed to the nines every day, with my career in PR consuming my every thought suddenly seemed within reach – I was excited!

Yes, I’m a first year student, but my drive and ambition are geared towards one thing – my dream job.

Listening to their CEO Colin Byrne talk about how, as the second biggest PR consultancy in the world, they’ve been

“engaging, always”

and learn that they’ve been in the ‘Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to work for’ from 2012-2014 blew me away – gaining a 7 year average tenure on their top 150 clients can’t have been easy!

However, their ‘T Shaped’ recruitment policy builds an industry full of creative, committed and professional individuals ready to learn and develop – in-case anyone important is reading…yep, that’s me!

Those of you who have had a look at who I am and where I’m going with my PR identity will know that personal professionalism and your own branding is my passion, and I think this is my new, fresh, creative aspect I can bring to the industry – listening to our talks at Weber Shandwick only proved to me further that if I’ve got an idea, I should try and pursue it – watch this space!

Something else that caught my attention was learning how video can be used as an emotional signpost and a personal PR tool, which really got me thinking what I could do to make my CV stand out and enhance my creativity.

Being at university has constantly thrown challenges and surprises at me, but this was one of the best, motivating and exciting experiences I’ve had so far – I can’t wait to find out what I can do with everything I learnt!

Thanks once again to Colin and all of his team for putting on such a welcoming and inspiring day!


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