Gel Polish – Is it really to dye for?

Having had my nails done using gel polish several times now, I’d say I’m well and truly converted! I know not everyone is, so reviewing it will give all you readers an insight – who doesn’t want their nail varnish to last 4 weeks?!

Of course, its evident it is JUST a polish – no nasty sticking like you get with acrylics, and no ripping off either – if you get it removed correctly! That’s where gels have their downfall – bad reviews from girls who haven’t listened to their nail technician, and pulled off the nail varnish – no wonder their nails were ruined underneath!

IMG_5096IMG_7140 (2)

Getting your gels removed properly is best – get some acetone, soak small pieces of cotton woolΒ in it and place them on your nails. Wrap foil around the nails and leave for 5-10 mins… Then, simply scrape the remaining polish off gently with a orange stick, using a nail file if needs be!

Using cuticle oil every day during wearing the polish keeps your nails hydrated underneath!

Gel nail polish works as a long-lasting, hassle-free alternative to continuous chipping and repainting! Whether for a holiday, a regular beauty maintenance appointment or a treat to yourself, gels are a girls best friend – definitely to dye for!


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  1. I love your crown ring! I hate gel polish because I love changing my polish so often.


    1. jemimaadye says:

      Hi! Thanks, it’s a Pandora ‘Tiara Ring’! Yes your right, that can be a downside to gels!x


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