Ready for 2015 – Blog Time!

IMG_7094 (2)When I instagrammed a picture of my new 2015 diary earlier, I couldn’t help but think of one new, exciting aspect of my life to kick-start the year with – my blog.

Feeling totally inspired by YOU’s October article on four ‘Super Bloggers’ who, like me, all started their blogs whilst at uni, and are now living the A-List lifestyle I’m dreaming of!

Ending up like Ella and writing 1,000 words every day during London Fashion Week, or doing a dream brands PR blog-style like Lily has done seems far away for now – but I’m excited at the possibility my blog could get noticed!

Reading Carrie’s words,

“Your life is your job when you’re a blogger, so you can’t switch off”

is something I long for… being able to constantly focus on my own personal branding is a big focus for me, as those of you who have read my ‘About’ section will know – so to be able to write about it create awareness of PR’s importance is so exciting!

IMG_7088IMG_7089 (2)

Starting the new year with ambition to succeed, and create a new exciting life in London will definitely feature in my blog this year – as far as inspiration goes, following these girls and their lifestyles is at the top of my list – who knows, I may even start to trial sponsored products!

Whether you now nothing about PR, blogging or the world of fashion and branding –  this article is a definite read!


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